ujima juice 1.jpg

We are very excited to announce that Ujima re-fresh has just launched its first crowdfunding campaign

We have elected to use IOBY (acronym meaning In Our Back Yard) as the platform of choice for our first fundraising initiative.  This first project will seek support for a series of 3 juice pop-up shop events.   The purpose of these events is 3 fold:

  1. Educate attendees about the benefits of juicing and the need for healthy food alternatives within the Greater Buckeye community
  2. Create a space for gathering and community fellowship using healthy food as the convener
  3. Promote the vision and goals of Ujima re-fresh, llc as a startup social enterprise grounded in Greater Buckeye

So how can you help us today???  Simply put we need your support.    Help us to show that this project has support early in the campaign.  It is proven that campaigns that have exhibited support early into their campaigns are highly successful in funding their entire project.  I want to be apart of that elite group. 

Please make a contribution of your choice on our donation page.  The page provides details about the project, the budget, and examples of how your dollars will be utilized.  Your early contribution to this effort will go a long way to ensuring that Ujima is not only able to execute these 3 pop-up events, but is positioned to do so much more for our entire Greater Cleveland urban core.  I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart, not only for your monetary contribution but for believing in my vision.  

Humbly submitted,

UJIMA re-fresh, llc.