WE FINALLY DID IT! As hard as it was we were able to do something that seemed so overwhelming, so insurmountable.  We asked for help! 

We reached out to our community, neighbors, colleagues, and the remainder of the village and requested that they sew a seed into Ujima refresh, llc and healthy eating options in the Greater Buckeye commercial corridor.  That call was met with great enthusiasm, vigor, and that energy has allowed Ujima to raise over $5,000 towards the production costs of our quarterly pop-up events across Cleveland's Buckeye neighborhood.  We would be significantly behind our intended goals were it not for the generous contributions of every donor.  Thank you does not cover it, but it sincerly conveys my level of gratitude and appreciation for the belief my village has shown in my vision.  I am but 1 Greater Buckeye resident who dreams of her neighborhood being one with access to healthy food and intentional sustainability.  

We are beyond excited to host our first pop-up community juicing event in April of 2017.  Providing healthy food options to the Greater Buckeye Neighborhood and beyond is the exact intent for which Ujima re-fresh, llc was formed.  We strive to nourish bodies & refresh communities throughout greater Cleveland & other urban intersections.   Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Twitter @ujimarefresh and search for us on facebook.   Subscribe to exclusive emails at or email


peace & blessings